Immutable Holdings: The Berkshire of Blockchain?

Cryptocurrencies are now a trillion-dollar asset class. Yes, despite their nascent status they’ve entered the common vernacular of main street and Wall Street alike. Pubcos like HVBT, RIOT, WNDR, SPRT, and DEFI command real investor attention, prices, and valuations.

Still, public company investment vehicles are limited, partly because securities regulators have thus far looked sideways at many DeFi (decentralized finance) applications and businesses. Much like public cannabis companies, they remain marginalized due to the unregulated nature that is their very essence.

A freshly listed Immutable Holdings (NEO:HOLD) is whistling a new tune in the world of public DeFi and blockchain-driven businesses, bringing a basket of unique consumer-, institutional-, and even governance-facing DeFi businesses to the public markets. And, Immutable has gone public on the NEO Exchange, an investor-friendly DeFi-haven that caters to investors who want more egalitarian trading, allowing for greater flexibility in the way Immutable builds blockchain businesses.

Imagine what a Berkshire Hathaway born in the age of cryptocurrencies might look like: a parent company with roots in a variety of verticals, including B2C, B2B, and positioned to weather market volatility with true “picks & shovels” business lines. That’s the Immutable story in summary. Founded and helmed by cryptocurrency wunderkind Jordan Fried, co-founder of hedera hashgraph and BufferedVPN, Immutable owns a portfolio of DeFi-centric businesses all built for increasing awareness and adoption of the blockchain. It’s a veritable Berkshire of Blockchain, and its NEO Exchange listing may enable substantially more exciting business lines than its U.S. peers.

Among these is Immutable Asset Management, which fills a niche that investors aren’t seeing in other public DeFi entities: crypto advisory and asset management. As institutional money managers seek exposure to this emerging (and disorienting for the uninitiated) asset class, experienced crypto managers are in-demand globally. Immutable Asset Management meets this demand head on with management services to help individuals and family offices gain exposure to digital and cryptocurrency assets, charging a fee on assets under management. Also in the Immutable portfolio are, with consulting and advisory services to countries developing a central bank digital currency; HBAR Labs;, for crypto education and transactions; and, to name a few.

With blockchain peers like RIOT at a $2.9 billion market cap and HVBT at $1 billion, investors have taken real notice of DeFi-focused businesses. Now publicly listed, Immutable’s DeFi portfolio is particularly intriguing for that reason, but also in the wake of fellow NEO Exchange listings Defi Technologies (NEO:DEFI, OTC:DEFTF, FRA:RMJR) and WonderFi (NEO:WNDR, OTC:WONDF), both commanding compelling stock valuations and substantial press coverage for their blockchain exposure: DEFI with a $400 million market cap and WNDR at $100 million.

This “Berkshire of Blockchain” is still under-the-radar, but with eye-popping peer valuations and the potential to make a splash with unique business lines, Immutable Holdings could be in line for its own valuation ascent soon.